Friend Who Moved Looking For Work

LOS ANGELES — According to an increasing number of self-deprecating messages left on various social media accounts, it appears as though your friend who moved to LA to seek his fortune is looking for work.

Indications that your friend Ryan Montclaire, 28, might be in a little bit of financial trouble came two months into what he called “his debutante year” when he posted the following to his Instagram account, wry_guy_ry in July: “can u believe i moved all the way out here and i dont even have a job, lol” with a picture of the Los Angeles Basin from The Griffith Observatory attached.

Ryan, who threw himself three going away parties, hosted two farewell shows and wrote over a dozen thoughtful posts on your closed “Creatives In Chicago” Facebook group calling out specific members of the community he’d never forget—which frankly you found a little off-putting—made it seem like he really had something in the chamber to pick up lock, stock and barrel for, but you are increasingly uncertain if this is the case.

“Still on the hunt for a job,” he posted to his Twitter account @_wrytoast last month. “Hey @PFTompkins, can a guy get a signal boost haha?” That tweet was followed up with “I’m just kidding obviously, but if you want to follow back that would be really cool—maybe @ComedyBangBang needs an intern?”

Recently, Ryan has begun commenting “really thought this one would get more likes,” on all his facebook statuses in between posting links to a Patreon that states, “Ryan Montclaire is creating spoofs, bon mots and general merriment.” You report that despite a burning curiosity to do so, you could not muster up the courage to click the link. A cursory survey of your mutual friends revealed that several of them were under the impression that his family was loaded, but they concurred that this made his repeated entreaties for employment and/or Patreon follows highly suspect.

Before you muted him on social media, you were troubled to learn that Ryan had begun doing those “talking directly at the camera” character bits everyone is doing now, to limited engagement. In addition, he had also taken to responding, “Wow, this is so incredible! I’m in love with this!” on media coverage of comedians an internet cloud tier higher than him that he met at a show one time through a much more successful friend.

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