Last year the department tried a similar strategy with neon-green relish, but had to pull the trucks after numerous citizens complained, believing it to be some kind of toxic spill.

“I’m going to miss flicking off the Trump sign,” said Linda Matherson, 46, “it wasn’t a lot, but it was my form of protest. I certainly can’t see myself flicking off Mr. Taft. He looks like the mascot for a gourmet cookie company.”

“It should be coming any second now, I just know it.” said Singh, seconds before his arrest. Officers at the scene then charged Singh for felony failure to give up and chalk it up as a loss.

Despite Everything, Mitch Trubisky Technically History-Making Quarterback

Trubisky’s teammates as well were stunned and surprised at their QB’s historic achievement.

Ikea Opens Second Schaumburg Location, For Convenience

An expansion into Chicago is on the horizon, however. Ikea has announced plans to build a flagship food court in the Loop.

Time Theft Not Giving Same Thrill It Used To

“How much money can I intentionally defraud my company for, knowing that all of the employees at my level are almost criminally underpaid for our expertise anyway?”

Portillo’s, Al’s Beef Employees to Receive Vaccine First

“There were always going to be people unhappy with the decision. But no one is unhappy with a large fry from Al’s.”

Couple on First Date in Dining Bubble Running Out of Things to Talk About, Air

WEST LOOP — With Winter fast approaching and the COVID-19 pandemic still growing despite efforts to ignore it, many local eateries are hoping heartier outdoor-dining structures will keep diners com

Chicago's Blandest Men Bracing For Worst Case Scenario After Hopleaf Announces Winter Closure

ANDERSONVILLE — Following the disappointing news that the neighborhood staple and beer nerd’s paradise had closed for the winter in an effort to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic, Chicago’s blandest m