For those who don’t eat pork, this is equivalent to about nine Vienna all-beef hot dogs.

"I was really starting to wonder if the escalator would ever come back to life, but here we are in mid-February and it’s already starting to bloom! Climate change is wild, man."

“I guess I’m glad they’re almost taking this pandemic thing seriously, but...I really suck at darts. My first two votes went into the wall and they said those ‘all count for Joe Biden’? I think I just voted for Joe Biden twice.” 

City Grieves As Millennium Park Shifts Into Neutral, Slides Into Lake

SITE OF OLD MILLENNIUM PARK — Thousands of Chicagoans gathered together to mourn Tuesday morning as officials confirmed that Millennium Park had shifted into neutral and disappeared into Lake Michi

Not Great: Apparently by 21XX Chicago Is Called "Xyberxhixago" and the Mayor Is a Computer

This inconvenient news comes to us courtesy of a tear in the space-time continuum that’s opened up in our breakroom, which is allowing our reporters access to the world of the future and also creating a really horrible draft.

Study: Chicago Improv Audiences Will Run out of Suggestions by 2030

“If you’re an improv group, just get one suggestion and then keep it. Reuse it for every show. That’s the only way we’re gonna save the planet’s delicate improv ecosystem.”

Scientists Warn Rising Temperatures Could Thaw Rowdy Cubs Fans Well Before Opening Day

“Traditionally, cold temperatures through March and strong easterly winds keep the city’s beefiest baseball boys preserved in stasis until just before opening day.”

CTA Rebrands to CTS After Realizing No One Can Claim Authority, We Are All Students of Life

“No one can claim authority, for we are all forever students of life.”

Local Homeowner Creates Epic Ice Skating Rink on Sidewalk for the Whole Neighborhood to Enjoy

"A few of them don’t quite seem to have their ‘skater’s legs’ yet, but that’s okay. They’ll get there soon enough!"