“T’ain’t no reason to be lookin’ up at the screens, friends. At this time of night the trains become wilder, more unpredictable. They say at this time of night the express train that never, ever stops roams these tracks, not pickin’ up passengers, just leavin’ folks standing in the cold, frustrated and delayed.”

Ryan, who threw himself three going away parties, hosted two farewell shows and wrote over a dozen thoughtful posts on your closed “Creatives In Chicago” Facebook group calling out specific members of the community he’d never forget made it seem like he really had something in the chamber to pick up lock, stock and barrel for, but you are increasingly uncertain if this is the case.

In full and earnest celebration of the start of autumn, a yellow maple leaf on a sidewalk tree on the 5300 block of North Clark Street is really going for it.

Husband At Ice Cream Shop Out Of His Element

“I was asking him if he wanted to try any samples, and he just looked really confused, then whispered something to his wife.”

Completed Cloud Gate Given Brushed Steel Finish

Josie Wilson, a Logan Square resident who attended the unveiling ceremony, agrees with the artist: “You can finally just enjoy the bean-shape without being confronted by your own reflection.”

Old Guy in Oil Portrait at Library Was Probably a Really Good Dude

"If his portrait is hanging here, I think it’d be safe to assume that he was a pretty good person."

G7 Summit Releases Statement Urging Bolsonaro to Just Watch FernGully

Upon receiving viewing instructions from the G7, Bolsonaro angrily rejected Macron’s Amazon Prime password.

Popularity of Air & Water Show Inspires Spin-Off Earth & Fire Show

The week-long event will be held in and around Soldier Field and will feature various earth and fire-themed exhibitions like mud wrestling, monster trucks, fireworks, and bonfires all culminating in a pitched tank battle with the US Army’s “Dirt Angels.”

Air And Water Show Stretches Into Second Week As Military Fails To Contain Giant, Radioactive Rahm Emanuel

The first indication that things weren’t going to plan came early on Saturday morning, when Mr. Emanuel, now a 50-foot-tall glowing monstrosity capable of exhaling a devastating atomic heat ray, made his way to the Lakefront from the now-destroyed neighborhood of Ravenswood.