What does it mean to be a “Chicago” “Genius”? If you think it means to be someone of high intelligence who lives in the greater Chicagoland area, you are wrong.

To be a Chicago Genius is to feel pride in our city’s unbreakable record rat population. To know that, really, the best baseball team in the city is Dave, a guy who stands at the edge of Navy Pier and hits dingers into Michigan. It’s mild-mannered Jekyll Park transforming into terrifying Hyde Park, it’s planning a dolphin heist at Shedd, it’s a thousand out-of-town friends asking with one voice “but what about winter?”

The Chicago Genius Herald is all those things and more — your only source for Chicago Style satire. The Genius Herald is a project of The Chicago Genius, a democratically-run comedy and artist collective founded in 2018 by a group of Chicago Geniuses with a mission to plant some stinky, homegrown wild comedy back into the Chicago media landscape.

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