Chicagoans Can Get Free Flu Shots...But Should They? Yes

CHICAGO.GOV—Typically, Chicagoans are encouraged to get their flu shots at the beginning of fall, in September or October. But in such a dramatic and disastrous year for health as 2020, some Chicagoans are wondering: should they get their flu shots? The answer to their question is yes. 

Where should Chicagoans get free flu shots, and should they go? Most city Walgreens and CVS stores offer free flu shots depending on insurance, and yes they should go. For more options about where to go if they should go (they should go), they can go to

Just because somebody can do something doesn’t mean that they should. What an interesting thought to chew on! In this instance, however, Chicagoans both can and should get flu shots this fall. 

Both Covid-19 and the flu target the lungs, but does having two infectious lung diseases at the same time cancel them out entirely? No, and that logic will lead you to a dark place. Is getting a flu vaccine a good precautionary step towards preventing a large flu season, while staying cognizant of the fact that the shot is 20-60% effective, given the year, and its effectiveness can vary depending on age and health? Yes. 

In this tangled web of compromise that is the present day, is using insurance or paying out-of-pocket to receive a shot full of gunk that will prevent any given Chicagoan from contracting or spreading influenza worth it—or the right choice for your family? Yes, and to the second point also yes. ​

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