How Come Everyone Wants to Talk About The Air and Water Show but Not My One Man Show At The Annoyance?

By Matthew Andrew Ryan-Williams

Sure, planes are pretty cool. Of course, boats can take you from place to place on water, which is nice and all. But why is everyone in Chicago just talking about those dumb machines, and not about my groundbreaking new one man show at The Annoyance. It’s running every 3rd Tuesday night at 11pm, and tickets are only $25 a pop. 


It’s like, okay right, we can marvel in these engineering wonders. It’s nice that we’ve been able to build things to scoff at God's flaws in the human body.  But my show at the Annoyance is bringing in tens of people, and there are some pretty unexpected costume changes. It’s kind of like Bo Burnham’s “INSIDE” but without music, and a lot sadder. 

I can’t help but feel like I’m being deliberately upstaged by the ear piercing screech of engines overhead, and the gorgeous wonder of all those sails out on one of our country's greatest lakes. My one man show at the Annoyance has gotten some pretty serious buzz in the Underground Chicago Comedy Reddit forum that I started and also am the mod of. The so-called “Blue Angels” are just military propaganda touted as a spectacle for the masses. They could never stomach the challenge that is commanding a sweltering stage to give a rousing hour and a half performance consisting of over FIVE spot-on impressions of Family Guy characters. 

What about me? What about the voice of a white man who grew up in Naperville in an upper middle class household during the affluent 90’s? Does no one care about what I have to say? You know what, whatever. I don’t even need you guys. My improv team Salamander Sundays has an 8 week long run at iO every Wednesday at 3AM. 

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