Everyone on Train Listening to Own Podcast

SOUTHPORT – On a Loop-bound ‘L’ train Thursday all of the passengers were reportedly listening to podcasts that they themselves had recently recorded.

“I’m actually just listening to make sure this holds up to our standards before we release it” recounted David Dennis, who records his ironic bad-business-idea podcast “Entrepremanure” into a first generation iPod Touch that was recently dropped into wet sidewalk cement.

Upon hearing their cohosts say something funny, some passengers wrlyly smiled before stifling themselves back into visages of seriousness.

“We like to keep it fun on the pod” fryed Lisa Dunham, whose beauty product review podcast Apocalyp-gloss recently hit 10 subscribers. “I think people really respond to how loud it is.”

Others were not so enthused about their product.

“I’m tired of Bryan’s shit” remarked one podcast who asked not to be named, but did ask us to subscribe to a podcast called “The Big Deal Boys” where 3 mid-20s white panelists inexplicably discuss the life and exploits of Pixies’ bassist Kim Deal as well as any good online deals they found. At the time of publishing “The Big Deal Boys” seems to have been scrubbed from the internet.

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