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Chicago Rebrands Potholes as “Deep Dish Street”

”We’re hoping to rebrand the issue and turn this problem into another idiosyncratic feature Chicagoans can be proud of, like dibs, political corruption, or sports teams that never win.”

Vaccine Offered at Lou Malnati’s After Purchase of 10 Mid-Sized Pies

“Moderna, Pfizer, even that new Johnson & whoever, we’ve got them all in the back,” said store manager Drew Novak, 29, while saucing a deep dish. “So even picky eaters will be able to find something on our menu that suits their tastes, shot-wise.”

Malnati Family Bungles Attempted Hit on Netflix Execs After “Emily in Paris” Insults

The assassins resorted to spreading pizza sauce all over Bajaria’s office, but are clearly seen slipping and falling in the mess multiple times before being able to leave the room.