To Encourage Social Distancing, CTA Encouraging Riders To Ride On Top

CHICAGO — As the novel coronavirus continued unabated in Chicago, the CTA on Thursday announced additional safety precautions for its employees by instructing riders to climb on top of the bus.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our passengers,” said CTA spokesperson Kim Mathers, 34. “after the safety of our drivers.”

Customers will be instructed to board and exit through a small rope ladder on the side of the bus.

To prevent crowding on the top of the bus customers will be limited to ten per roof, with the biggest and strongest encouraged to sit at the front to serve as a windbreak/human shield.

“If you have trouble getting up there, other passengers will be encouraged to form a barrel-of-monkeys-style human chain to pull you up.” continued Kim. “We know this isn’t ideal, but if you can’t see the adventure in this the CTA recommends moving back home to Aurora.”

Customers using the train are now encouraged to hang onto the back of the last car, one person per train.

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