Local Sex Shop Offering New Edible Face Masks For Couples

ROSCOE VILLAGE—As countless businesses across the Chicagoland area pivot their offerings in an attempt to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, one local adult boutique shop has found a way to adapt to the changing retail landscape. Beginning next week, Fantasy Plus will begin selling edible face masks at their Roscoe Village and Logan Square locations.

“Well, like most businesses, we’ve seen a catastrophic drop in sales since the start of Coronavirus”, said Fantasy Plus manager Gareth Brownwell, 38. “And like many others, we’re not only facing an uphill battle to stay afloat, but we’re also thinking about how we can help the community. We noticed many other retailers had started making face masks, and that’s when it hit us: why not put a pleasurable spin on this social distancing necessity?”

Brownwell said he hoped their customers would have fun experimenting with “the sexy side of mask-wearing, and also use them to stay intimately connected with their partners during this time.”

“We thought it would be pretty fun and hot to incorporate masks into sensual play,” Brownwell continued. “It’ll be a great way for couples to unwind and have a little fun under these difficult circumstances. Whether you’re already into medical fetishism or you’re just looking to have a little lighthearted fun with masks, we’ve got you covered with our candy masks in delicious flavors like cherry, wild blue raspberry, and banana.”

However, Brownwell also stressed that customers should refrain from licking or eating masks off of anyone with whom they are not actively quarantining, and that all masks should be consumed completely in one session in order to prevent bacterial growth or contamination.

“We’ve always encouraged our customers to play safe,” said Brownwell, “whether that’s one-on-one, at a sex party, or in a survival situation in the midst of a global pandemic. We’re here to educate as well as provide the tools for safe, sexy adult fun.” 

For the next two weeks, Fantasy Plus will run a promotion where customers who purchase three or more edible masks will also receive a complimentary pair of surgical gloves and a rectal thermometer.

As of press time, a spokesperson for Fantasy Plus also revealed that the company is working on a flavored full body sanitizer, and that details of that product will be released in the coming weeks pending the securing of a patent.

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