Millennium Park Ribbon Still Open To People Who Think Everything Is Normal

MILLENNIUM PARK — It was just the most wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately that isn’t  saying very much these days.  Although many Chicagoans are taking precautionary measures this winter and hunkering down until they’re able to be vaccinated, city officials have announced that they’re planning on keeping the Millennium Park Ribbon and ice skating rink open for those individuals who would prefer to live like everything is normal.   

“This pandemic has been really hard for me, so I’m really thankful that the Ribbon gave me the option to pretend that everything is still normal”, said Becky White, 23, a local Chicagoan The Chicago Genius Herald caught up with outside the rink.  “The Ribbon is really one of the last places left where you can just be yourself.  More businesses should ask if you prefer a normal Covid free experience!  You wouldn’t believe some of the looks I get while trying to buy a bra at Fabletics when I forget my mask, even though I’m in there every day.  You know I don’t have it; just deal with it.   And, that really sucks.”

“They wouldn’t even let me in to return my shitzu’s rose gold high waisted leggings,” White continued, “even though it’s close to the end of the 30-day return period. They didn’t cut a hole out for her tail! Like, what am I supposed to do? Cut one myself?  I can’t! I’m literally allergic to scissors.”

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It’s clear that the people skating the ribbon are enjoying the feeling of normalcy again, but how are the workers feeling about everything? 

To answer this, The Herald spoke with Alexander Sheath, 41, who makes hot cocoa for the visitors.  “It’s really cool to be able to come to work in a space that acts like everything is back to normal.  It’s been getting me through the pandemic where everything is absolutely bananas.” 

“The Ribbon has become a little sanctuary where you don’t have to worry about getting COVID if you don’t want to,” the barista added. “As soon as I step onto the ice, I can take my mask off and breathe a sigh of relief. Just not too deep, as I seem to be getting a little bit of a cough.”

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