Sky Clear Enough To See Willis Tower Skydeck From Everywhere In the World

One of the positive outcomes of the stay-at-home orders has been the effect that less human activity is having on the environment. Thanks to a significant decrease in emissions globally, the sky is now actually clear enough to the Willis Tower Skydeck from everywhere in the world. 

Just how nature intended! 

Check out these mind-blowing photos from various iconic landmarks:

You can spy the Skydeck all the way from Chicago’s North Side. Go Cubs Go!

Oy! ‘Tis true that you can now see the Skydeck from the UK. Is it Tea Time yet?

The Skydeck as seen from the deserts of Egypt. They didn’t build Willis Tower in a day!

Look out, China, The Tower is coming! As seen from the People’s Skydeck of China.

Even down under, you can see the Skydeck clear as day, mate!

Wow! It just goes to show that nature can be beautiful when you take a step back and let it do its thing. Get your binoculars and get yourself to the Skydeck soon!

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