How to Fight Your Online Addiction by Posting About it Online!

Online addiction is a serious issue that people around the world face, especially in this shutdown year where everyone was locked inside their house with nothing else to do. In this same year, many of us learned about the dangers of the internet, so people want to wean themselves off of it. The first step to doing that, of course, is to post about it online. Here is a helpful guide to fighting your online addiction by posting about it online. 

  1. Hold yourself accountable by posting about it

The only way to really wean yourself off of internet and social media use is to use one of your social media accounts to post about how you will be leaving social media. You don’t have to do it all at once, so start small. Facebook is a great place to start. Craft a long, essay-like post that details the reasons why you will be leaving social media. Make sure to check in for at least 48 hours after the post to see how many likes you got. Reply to all of the comments, too. 


  1. Make everyone else feel really bad about using it

It’s not enough to simply post about you not using it anymore, but you should also take the time to encourage everyone you know to stop. The best way to do that is with public shaming! They say you can catch more flies with honey, but all you know are flies so let them know they are all terrible insects plaguing the internet with their rampant internet usage (unlike you, of course, who has seen the error of your ways). Call everyone in your network bad people, ugly pigs, limped-dicked trolls - whatever you have to do to make sure your friends and loved ones feel bad for being more online than you. 

  1. Make sure to be as self-righteous as possible

This really ties into #2, but make sure you put others down and make yourself sound like your efforts to be online less make you a much better person than everyone you know. The fact that you intend to go online yes DOES make you a better person than all the plugged-in slags you know. So tell the entire world that! Don’t hold back! Remember to check back in to your posts so that you can reply to any and all comments. 

  1. Go ham on the other platforms and make sure to talk about how much you hate the other one. 

It is really important to make sure that you constantly post on one social media platform about how much you hate the other ones. Do you think Twitter sucks? Great, tweet that and then go hog wild on Instagram with seven posts and a thousand stories a day. How else will people know how you truly feel? Is Facebook the devil? Make a Tik Tok about its terrible ways and write an e-mail newsletter about how quitting Facebook has made your entire life better. Use the time you spent on one online thing to talk about how great it is to not do that online thing anymore. It isn’t enough to just stop using the internet - you have to let everyone know that you’ve stopped or else it’s like it never really happened. Remember posting online is holding you accountable!!! 


  1. Google things to do without the internet

Can’t think of how to waste your time without the internet anymore? Yeah, we don’t know what to tell you about that one. You should probably just search for ‘things to do outside’ or something like that. Stop asking us. Just Google it.


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