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Matthew Andrew Ryan-Williams

How Come Everyone Wants to Talk About The Air and Water Show but Not My One Man Show At The Annoyance?

I can’t help but feel like I’m being deliberately upstaged by the ear piercing screech of engines overhead.

Stu Denham - Chicago Style Columnist

I May Be Drenched In Sweat, But I’ll Die If I Can’t Wear a Jean Jacket In September

Every day in September I’m not armored up with my trusty blue, I feel a little part of me wither away. No, no, it’s NOT that I’ve lost a quarter of my body weight in water, it’s a spiritual connection. I hope you can understand.

Natalie Losse - Film Critic

Choice Is An Illusion: Inside The Matrix Resurrections’ Allegory for My Debilitating IBS

In The Matrix Resurrections, Lana Wachowski ascends beyond the easy-going, carefree lives of trans people and explores the adversity and heartbreak of my irregular shitting.


It’s Time To Return the 12-Foot Jumbo Skeletons Where They Belong: My Lair

Horrifying and deadly all of them may be, but they’re also my creations/thralls/employees, and we depend on each other. So, while I don’t like to be the bad guy (I love it), I have to ask you to return them.

Helen Gremple - Former Mother

My Three Kids Were Also Eaten By A Skunk But You Don’t See Me Making A Whole To-Do About It

For months now, coverage of Monty and Rose, the Piping Plovers who nest at Montrose Beach, has been seemingly inescapable.

Craven Barnacle

Meet Craven Barnacle: The Mayor of Marina City

Most people don’t make it all the way to the top of these towers. But you have made it, so I must introduce myself. That is the rule!

St. Patrick

If Ye Cancel My Parade, I’m Bringin’ Back the Snakes

So ye might think ye have plenty of snakes there in Chicago, but pardon me, ye have no feckin’ idea how many there were before yer pal Pat came along.

Al Capone

Dis Year Seems Like as Good a Year as Any Ta Forget About Saint Valentine’s Day

Here’s da angle: I tink it’s high time Chicago kinda forgot about St. Valentine’s Day, for ALL our sakes.

Marcus Pencil

I Made Thousands From The Gamestop Trade Boom, But I’m Still Furious They Only Offered Me Fifty Cents for My Copy of Halo: Reach

Like many other denizens of the garden of earthly delights known as Reddit, I wielded my keen intellect this week to squeeze Wall Street short sellers out of several thousand dollars using my dad’s MacBook and the Robinhood account he set up for me. My dad was proud of me, once I kindly explained to him my stratagem. GameStop had rewarded my genius. I was, for a brief moment, king.

Rahm Emanuel and Forrest Claypool

Who Needs An Immersive Cyberpunk 2077 Experience When We Have Ventra?

This week, Polish video game developer CD Projekt Red released their long-anticipated and oft-delayed title “Cyberpunk 2077,” to decidedly mixed critical reception.