Giardiniera Spooned Into Trick-or-Treaters’ Bags

October 31, 2021

AVONDALE — Trick-or-treaters hoping for something special in their bags were in for a real Chicago treat at the home of Michael Knaizuk, 48, a welder, who spent the night spooning spicy giardiniera into children’s bags, pillowcases, and plastic pumpkins.

“Kids these days eat too much dang sugar,” said Knaizuk, opening up another jar of Marconi hot giardiniera in anticipation of more trick-or-treaters arriving, “so I thought, how about a nice spoonful of giardiniera? Extra oil, of course, ya want ‘em to have shiny hair and rosy cheeks!”

“It’s nice to see someone on the street is still honoring the old Chicago traditions,” said Marsha Vandelana, 34, a mother of two trick-or-treaters, “when it was a little girl I remember always getting some giardineria or a fistful of sport peppers in my bag. I couldn’t even wait to get home, I’d just be picking peppers out and licking the oil off the other candy wrappers.”

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Already on his fourth jar of the night, Knaizuk said he planned to build on the success of this year’s Halloween.

“Yeah, next year I’m breaking out a full beef bar for da kids,” said Knaizuk, “every kid's goin’ home with a soppin’ wet sandwich in der bags. That’ll show Linda down the street who gives out the best treats! Good luck with your king-sized bars next year, ya old bat!”  

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