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Graceland Cemetery Fundraising With Eternal Silence Kissing Booth

Eternal Silence, 112, has long been a main graveyard attraction, often drawing visitors hoping to look into his eyes and foresee their own deaths. “So we’re taking that existing appeal, and remixing it with some really fun flirty Halloween visuals,” said Graceland marketing exec Patty Servantis, 32, in a team video conference earlier this week. “How can we reimagine our biggest stars in new and exciting ways, maybe through kissing or even second base? These are the kinds of questions I’m interested in unpacking with the fundraising committee.”

Halloween Originalists Take Strong Stance Against Dragon Lawn Ornaments

A “spooksperson” for the Chicago chapter of the Hallowe’en Traditionalists Society stated in no uncertain terms that blow-up lawn ornaments of dragons were strictly verboten and not to be utilized this fall.