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Local Man Balances Being Supportive of Comedian Friends, Never Actually Having to Attend An Improv Show

"There’s a delicate coordination to still seem proud of your friends for following their dreams, and never having to give suggestions from uncomfortable chairs in dusty performance spaces."

The New Bitcoin? Meet The Man Who Still Keeps All Of His Old Improv Student IDs In His Wallet

LINCOLN PARK — Some objects are made valuable—things like jewelry, cars, or large Persian rugs are slapped with gag-worthy price tags before even hitting the market.

Study: Chicago Improv Audiences Will Run out of Suggestions by 2030

“If you’re an improv group, just get one suggestion and then keep it. Reuse it for every show. That’s the only way we’re gonna save the planet’s delicate improv ecosystem.”

"Yes, And?” CTA Says “No” as Shameless Improvisors Perform for New HD Surveillance Cameras

It was supposed to be a boon to security across the city. After eleven months, the CTA finally finished installing high-definition cameras in subway stations all along the Red and Blue Lines.