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Three Lions Born at Lincoln Park Zoo, One That Only Lies, One That Tells the Truth, One Regular Lion

“We definitely have our hands full! We’re just happy one is a regular lion,” said Morre. “At least we think it is. There’s a chance it’s also going to do something spooky and mysterious. It could just be waiting to reveal whatever its bit is when the time is right.”

“ZooDarks” Event in Lincoln Park Zoo Unveils Black Hole in Middle of Reptile House

Visitors can seek relief from the glistening holiday decorations bedecking the zoo by entering the Reptile House and admiring a few of the snakes and lizards before crossing the event horizon and being sucked into the hole.

Lincoln Park Zoo Apologizes Again for “Greasy,” the Catalytic Converter Thief Raccoon

Greasy, who has already been convicted several times on counts of larceny, destruction of property, and grand theft auto, has again spent the summer accumulating an impressive pile of parts at his Lincoln Park Zoo habitat. Zoo officials have found it “nigh impossible” to contain Greasy’s criminal streak.

ZooLights Pays Homage To This Year’s Fallen the Only Way It Knows How: Lights At Zoo

The ZooLights tradition, begun in the heart of Zachary Taylor’s presidency, has been kept strong over the years by an elite zoo subforce known simply as the Lights Squad.