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Aldermen Decide on Final “Magic Eye” Ward Map

“Our goal here was to redraw the Chicago’s wards to address the most recent census data,” said Ald. Michelle Harris, who spearheaded the map redrawing process. “If in addressing those changes we made it so that if you unfocus your eyes you can see a dolphin jumping over the moon, so be it.”

Chicago City Council Agrees to Redraw Ward Map Tavern Style

“This was the only equitable way to divide up the city,” said Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez, alderman for the 33rd Ward. “It’s already built on a grid pattern so it makes sense. Also we’re placing one of those plastic three-legged table thingies in the center of the city.”

Oh No: The New Chicago Ward Map Is Out, and One of the Wards Is Dick-Shaped

City Clerk Anna M. Valencia said "We’re disappointed that somebody has penetrated this sacred, untarnished, trustworthy, respectable, clean, honorable, working process and made it a childish joke."