Chicagoan Packs Up, Begins Entirely New Life One ‘L’ Stop Away

February 21, 2022

RAVENSWOOD — After a flurry of hugs and teary goodbyes Sunday, Sarah Allen, 28, bid farewell to her friends as she got in her fully packed car, departing to start her new life one ‘L’ stop North of her now-vacant apartment near the Brown Line Montrose stop.

Sarah, a senior email sender at a local business that’s now 100% remote, but still has an office that no one is sure if they ever have to go back to, said her departure was bittersweet, having enjoyed her time in Ravenswood, but that she craved a fresh perspective on life in a new neighborhood that’s also still Ravenswood.

“I just need a fresh start, away from everyone and everything, in a place where no one will recognize me and I’ll never bump into anyone from my old life.“ said Sarah. “So about a 15 minute walk away.”

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Sarah did say she would miss her friends from the area, especially a group that would get together for drinks with at a local watering hole.

“Everyone is going to miss her,” said Dennis Klap, 34, sipping an IPA at Wolcott Tap. “But we realize that hanging out is basically going to be impossible now. Can you even go to a neighborhood bar if you don’t live in the neighborhood? I think there’s something in the Bible where you’re not supposed to do that. But we’re always going to leave a spot for her here at our favorite table in remembrance. Unless Doug comes out. Hey, can somebody text Doug?”

Having arrived at her new apartment near the Damen Brown Line stop, Sarah was full of excitement that her new life would be everything she hoped for.

“Oh wow there’s like two thai places on the same block here, that’s awesome,” said Sarah as she walked some boxes up to her new pad. “I can’t wait to jump into everything my new neighborhood has to offer.”

At press time Sarah had ordered delivery from her favorite Mexican place, La Amistad, back in her old neighborhood, which was close enough that they walked it over to her new apartment.

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