Point/Counterpoint: Jamie Is Still out There Somewhere in the Snow Time

By Anna Hart and Edmund Pathfinder

Point: Jamie Is Still out There Somewhere in the Snow Time

By Anna Hart

Please, my husband Jamie is still out there somewhere. He’s going to die out there, don’t you understand? He can’t be too far behind, we can go back for him, I just - I just don’t want his last moments to be him alone and afraid in the snow. I can’t let that happen. There has to be a way to get him back to safety! Please, we have to go back outside and save him!

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Don’t you dare talk about him like he’s already gone. At the start of our journey to the Warming Place you promised me. You promised all of us, your words: “no one gets left behind.” Was that just a lie? We all trusted you to lead us here. We trusted you! Has the Snow Time frozen your heart?

Move out of the way. I’m going out there myself. I said move! Someone has to get him! Jamie is freezing as we speak and we’re running out of time - I don’t care about the dangers. I’d rather die out there tonight than spend the rest of my life without him. Because that’s what love is: it’s a promise you don’t break. Of course, you wouldn’t know anything about that kind of promise! Now move. Please! Please, let me go! Jamie!


Counterpoint: Leave Him, It Is Too Late - He Is Lost To The Snow Time

By Edmund Pathfinder

No. Anna, no. I’m sorry. We have travelled too far through the howling winds and bitter frost to open that door. It is too late, now. Jamie fell behind, and he knew what that meant. He has probably already succumbed to the Snow Time, we cannot go back for him. He would have wanted you to stay here, in the Warming Place, where you’re safe.

Of course I wanted to offer words that would keep our party’s spirits hale and hearty. Would you rather I told you the truth? That escaping the freezing ice and punishing white drifts would be like an ice pick cleaving your world apart? That there is a pain that no cold can numb? If I had told you all how dangerous this journey would be, none of you would have the guts to even try. I cannot apologize for that.

In his heart, Jamie knew the risks. He made a sacrifice - the ultimate sacrifice - so that he could get you, Anna, to safety. And that is what love is. A silent sacrifice. Now sit down by the fire and warm yourself. I cannot allow any of us to reopen that door. It is simply too dangerous. No, Anna. Sit down. I said sit down! I’m sorry, Anna. He is gone.

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