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City Expands St. Paddy’s Dye To All of Lake Michigan

“What they could never see coming is dyeing one quadrillion gallons of water a bright, resplendent green. That’s right, one quadrillion. That’s a real number, you can check.” 

Woman Misplaces Boyfriend, Accidentally Brings Home Another Man With a Mustache and Chicago Flag Tattoo

“Look, in my defense,” Birchnell, who is being charged with Circumstantial Kidnapping and Stereotyping, “my boyfriend looks exactly like most of the men in Chicago.” 

How Come Everyone Wants to Talk About The Air and Water Show but Not My One Man Show At The Annoyance?

I can’t help but feel like I’m being deliberately upstaged by the ear piercing screech of engines overhead.

fighter planes. inset: an incredulous-looking man with a mustache and beard, in front of a stage at the Annoyance Theatre.

Logan Square Attempts to Top Last Years “Horny” Farmers Market by Rebranding as “Sex Central”

LOGAN SQUARE – Last summer, Logan Square’s historic farmers market was granted the spotlight when they became infamous as “

Lincoln Park Woman Bravely Admits She Doesn’t Like Poodle Mixes

“What does the ‘D’ in doodle even stand for,” she shouted/queried as we ran away. “Dog?”

Local Actor Getting the Feeling He’s the Only One Left Who Hasn’t Booked Chicago PD, Med or Fire

“Honestly it’s not even the kind of work I want to do, but it’s become something bigger than that now. It’s a matter of pride and I’m not giving up, even if I have to wait until NBC launches their follow up series, Chicago Sanitation.”