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Neighbor Drags St. Andrew's Cross and Spanking Bench Outside for Dibs After Recent Snow

“What I didn’t expect to see was this guy dragging what appeared to be a bunch of home-made sex furniture down the gangway and putting it right there on the street. I mean, what the hell?”

Chicago Recreational Marijuana Shortage Traced to Paul

According to many industry insiders, Paul was spotted on the security camera footage of every single dispensary in the Chicagoland area, in some cases returning multiple times in various disguises in order to get past per-customer maximums.

Metra Quiet Car Converting to Screaming Car Effective January 1st

Workers can scream about any topic they wish once aboard the screaming car, including politics, healthcare premiums, environmental collapse, stagnant wages, gentrification, or simply shriek endlessly into the void until arriving at their destination.

City Introduces New Gladiator Battle Program for Dispensary Licenses

Quite a few hopeful applicants arrived at city hall in the hours after the press conference, aiming to be among the first to chisel their names into the Arena Entrant tablet.