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How to Fight Your Online Addiction by Posting About it Online!

Online addiction is a serious issue that people around the world face, especially in this shutdown year where everyone was locked inside their house with nothing else to do. In this same year, many of us learned about the dangers of the internet, so people want to wean themselves off of it. The first step to doing that, of course, is to post about it online. Here is a helpful guide to fighting your online addiction by posting about it online.

Man Calls Dibs on Parking Spot with Car

"I’ve seen people put Christmas decorations in their dibs or even bookshelves, but never an actual car. That’s definitely a flashy way to call dibs!”


Converted Apartments in Old Church Haunted By Ghost of Jesus

Recently, residents of the converted Second Church of Christ Scientist in Lincoln Park have begun to report sightings of a long haired specter dressed in white rags who keeps quoting Bible verses, which they claim is the ghost of Jesus Christ.