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Email Shows Lightfoot Campaign Promised CPS Student Volunteers Extra Credit, Seat at Cool Kids' Table, Mango Juul Pods

“No cap, fam,” started the email from the Lightfoot campaign, going on to use numerous “Gen Z” buzzwords and slang. “Volunteering for the Lightfoot campaign is bussin.’ Join the Litfoot team!“

Mayor Lightfoot Hastily Installs Bridges She Can Raise in Front of CPS Schools

“Trust me, the idea to install bridges and raise them to send a message to the CTU makes way more sense than when she wanted to install bridges to block COVID instead of reinstituting the mask mandate.”

Kids Sent Home So They Don’t See CPS and CTU Fighting

“I woke up this morning and my mom told me school was canceled,” said Megan Tootles, 9, a fifth grader in CPS, “and then she told me that it wasn’t my fault, and that sometimes fights just happen between adults.”

CPS Only Has Budget to Teach Annoying Instruments

THE LOOP-- Facing yet another round of devastating budget cuts, the Chicago Public School (CPS) system announced Monday that its music programs will only be able to afford the annoying instruments

CPS Announces Remote Learning Plan: Every Child Gets One Zoobook

“Kids love learning about animals, and soon they’ll each receive a single issue of the popular Zoobook series so they can learn about one kind of animal each. Maybe it’ll be Big Cats, or Eagles, or Sharks.”