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Man Beginning to Wonder if He Saved Broken Chair for Dibs for Nothing

Patrick McCartney, a resident of Ukrainian Village, is beginning to wonder if he saved a broken folding chair to use for dibs for nothing.

People Saving Trash All Year Excited for Return of Dibs Weather

CHICAGO — With cold temperatures and snowfall finally reaching the Chicagoland area after a mild November and December, Chicagoans are having to quickly get used to the sudden Winter weather.

Ald. Ray Lopez’ City Council Seat Dibbed

Just before press time, both Ald. Lopez’ Brighton Park and West Englewood offices were found filled floor-to-ceiling with chairs, and Ald. Lopez was en route to the 15th Ward with a chainsaw. The Chicago Genius Herald will keep you updated as the situation develops.

Man Calls Dibs on Parking Spot with Car

"I’ve seen people put Christmas decorations in their dibs or even bookshelves, but never an actual car. That’s definitely a flashy way to call dibs!”


Neighbor Drags St. Andrew's Cross and Spanking Bench Outside for Dibs After Recent Snow

“What I didn’t expect to see was this guy dragging what appeared to be a bunch of home-made sex furniture down the gangway and putting it right there on the street. I mean, what the hell?”