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Local Gay Man Disappointed by Shedd Otter Encounter

Fortunately, Spalding is on the rebound. Genius Herald reporters last spotted the Rogers Park resident enthusiastically purchasing tickets for a meet-and-greet with the Chicago Bears.

The Genius Herald Remembers: Granddad, Shedd Aquarium's Sleepy Superstar

Long before his death on February 5th, 2017 and before he was even welcomed to his forever home at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium back in 1933, Granddad the Lungfish had lived a full life.

Shedd Penguins Added to Chicago Bears Defensive Roster Until Aquarium Reopens

“Their enclosure is being rented out for really specific sex parties while the aquarium is closed. We didn’t want the birds anywhere near what’s going on in those tanks right now.”

Shedd Aquarium Offers $200 Meet the Belugas Experience, $300 Beluga Steak

If patrons meet the belugas and are unsatisfied with their squeaks, tricks, and general demeanor, they can, for an added $100, initiate the “Meat the Belugas” activity.

Shedd Aquarium Introduces New Burlesque-Themed Dolphin Show

The new Bottle Nosed Beauties show will not only entertain our adult guests, but it will also teach them that dolphins, sea lions, and other marine mammals can be extremely sexy, as well as athletic.