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Diamond-Encrusted PBR Sells at Auction for $3

The last record holder for most expensive beer, a half-finished Schlitz belonging to Abraham Lincoln purchased at Ford’s Theatre, sold for $2.14 at a silent charity auction in 2012. “No one thought that price would be topped, ever,” said Butterman before quickly adding, “I think they overpaid on that one, as well.” 

Development Begins on Top of Frozen Lake Michigan

The new project, dubbed “The Ice District” is only the first of many new projects to take advantage of all this new “land” created by the winter. 

CTA Installs Heat Lamps for Its Heat Lamps

“For years, we’ve fielded complaints about how weak the heat lamps are at our outdoor CTA stations,” said Morlin VanDel, 43, spokesperson for the CTA. “Today, we do something about it. Keeping our heat lamps warm is our number one priority.”

Ikea Opens Second Schaumburg Location, For Convenience

An expansion into Chicago is on the horizon, however. Ikea has announced plans to build a flagship food court in the Loop.

Portillo’s, Al’s Beef Employees to Receive Vaccine First

“There were always going to be people unhappy with the decision. But no one is unhappy with a large fry from Al’s.”

CPS Only Has Budget to Teach Annoying Instruments

THE LOOP-- Facing yet another round of devastating budget cuts, the Chicago Public School (CPS) system announced Monday that its music programs will only be able to afford the annoying instruments

Study: Chicago Improv Audiences Will Run out of Suggestions by 2030

“If you’re an improv group, just get one suggestion and then keep it. Reuse it for every show. That’s the only way we’re gonna save the planet’s delicate improv ecosystem.”

Lab Rat Announces Plan to Go Left, Right, Straight, Left, Left

For Bradley, 2 (in human years), this marks the third attempt at the maze since trials began.