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Chicago Symphony Orchestra Tired Of Stressful, Unsustainable Lifestyle Of Gigging In The Same City Every Week

"The road stretching out before you like a grey arrow pointing to nowhere as you spend hours on a tour bus, wondering if this is what success feels like. This is the kind of stuff we’re missing out on!"

Lab Rat Announces Plan to Go Left, Right, Straight, Left, Left

For Bradley, 2 (in human years), this marks the third attempt at the maze since trials began.

City’s Oldest Rat Shares Her Tips For A Long Life

"At the end of the day, I always treat myself to one or two cigarette butts. Everything in moderation, that’s the key."

Steam Venting from Chicago Skyscrapers Heralds New Rat Pope

The election of a new Rat Pope follows a week of secret conclave in the basement vault of the Board of Trade building, which by ancient treaty operates as a sovereign city-state known as the “Rat Vatican,” or “Ratican.”

Chicagoans Rejoice! Malort is Now Whole30-Compliant

"We happen to think Malort tastes like what we imagine Sonic the Hedgehog’s piss would taste like, which would be very good since he is the good guy in his video game. Malort is a natural addition to all of the other delicious foods and drinks you’ll find in the Whole30 pantry.”

Shedd Aquarium Offers $200 Meet the Belugas Experience, $300 Beluga Steak

If patrons meet the belugas and are unsatisfied with their squeaks, tricks, and general demeanor, they can, for an added $100, initiate the “Meat the Belugas” activity.

Hyde Park Transforms Back Into Jekyll Park

Residents report seeing changes take effect around 6AM on Sunday, as the bold architectural style of Hyde Park returned to the understated, drab buildings of Jekyll Park.

Heartwarming! Man Smoking Cigarette On Red Line Offers A Drag To Everyone On The Train!

The elusive man, who many are now calling “The Smoking Angel”, wasn’t deterred by the growing crowd around him. “Now, now,” he called out, “don’t push! There’s plenty of cig to go around! Everyone will get a turn, I promise.”

Shedd Aquarium Introduces New Burlesque-Themed Dolphin Show

The new Bottle Nosed Beauties show will not only entertain our adult guests, but it will also teach them that dolphins, sea lions, and other marine mammals can be extremely sexy, as well as athletic.

Woman Breaking Up With Boyfriend At Belmont Stop Would Have Been Powerful Warrior-Priestess In Pre-Christian Society

Casual observers state that Omringo could not have looked more stunned if he’d been a Roman legionnaire staring at his own spilled intestines on what was supposed to be a routine patrol through Gallic territory in 57 BCE.