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Nation’s Animal Shelters Urge Families to Think Twice Before Buying a Rat for Easter

“I got my first rat in my basket from the Easter Rat, same as a lot of kids. Done right, it’s a great thing. But families need to understand that they’re taking on an animal with a heart and soul and seventeen beautiful toes.”

Grand Expedition Planned to Small Park Nearby

RAVENSWOOD — As scientific research expeditions worldwide are cancelled and funding for exploration dries up in the failing global economy, some good news emerged for the scientific community Monda

Chicago Pet Shelter Finds Foster Home for Art Institute Lions

ROGERS PARK — As Illinois’ COVID-19 shelter-in-place order enters its third week, The Chicago Genius Herald staff have heard all kinds of inspiring stories about Chicagoans helping each other get t

Exhausted, Glowing Tom Skilling Warns His Powers Can't Keep Polar Vortex Away Much Longer

Skilling, who has been off the air since early March to recover from surgery, emerged from his stasis pod early Sunday and announced, “A tempest grows in the north,” before erupting in green light. 

City Officials Urge Chicagoans To Social Distance “At Least Eight Polish Sausage Lengths” Between Self And Others

For those who don’t eat pork, this is equivalent to about nine Vienna all-beef hot dogs.

Illinois State Board of Elections Implements Sanitary New "Vote by Darts" Method

“I guess I’m glad they’re almost taking this pandemic thing seriously, but...I really suck at darts. My first two votes went into the wall and they said those ‘all count for Joe Biden’? I think I just voted for Joe Biden twice.” 

City Dyes Chicago River With Purell for St. Patrick's Day

This year, spectators are invited to stand no closer than twelve feet apart and to promise to turn and face the other direction when this year’s special float, “A Salute to Chicago’s Oldest Citizens,” rolls by.

City Grieves As Millennium Park Shifts Into Neutral, Slides Into Lake

SITE OF OLD MILLENNIUM PARK — Thousands of Chicagoans gathered together to mourn Tuesday morning as officials confirmed that Millennium Park had shifted into neutral and disappeared into Lake Michi

Not Great: Apparently by 21XX Chicago Is Called "Xyberxhixago" and the Mayor Is a Computer

This inconvenient news comes to us courtesy of a tear in the space-time continuum that’s opened up in our breakroom, which is allowing our reporters access to the world of the future and also creating a really horrible draft.

Study: Chicago Improv Audiences Will Run out of Suggestions by 2030

“If you’re an improv group, just get one suggestion and then keep it. Reuse it for every show. That’s the only way we’re gonna save the planet’s delicate improv ecosystem.”