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Midwesterners Wearing Confusing Mix of Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring Attire

“I don’t really officially switch till the first snow,” said Billy Wiencox, 28, an account manager who was interviewed by The Chicago Genius Herald wearing a fleece vest, long sleeve tee, shorts, sandals, and knit hat.

CTA Says Buses and Trains Are Actually Running Regularly, You Just Have Bad Timing and Have Also Been Acting Really Weird Lately

Thompson said customers who complain about regularly missing their rides said the train or bus literally just left before you got there.

Chicago Half Marathon Organizers Apologize for Shortening Race, “We Didn’t Think Anyone Would Complain About Running Less”

Organizers of the annual race have apologized to the participants, offering refunds despite being surprised people were angry about having to run less.

Report: Conversation Unlikely to Survive Passing ‘L’ Train

The two, who had run into each other by chance on the platform, and engaged in a stilted conversation about the new Game of Thrones series, House of the Dragon, were seemingly unaware of the particular peril that hung over their urgent disquisition.

Guy Riding Down Western on Scooter Either Going to be Fine or Instantly Dead

Several described the sight as fraught-but-entrancing as watching a tightrope walker or Will Smith flying a jet through a canyon in Independence Day.  

City Paints Bike Lanes Into Hopscotch Trails Just for Fun

“Bikers know by now that we will do absolutely nothing to protect them against the aggressive two thousand pound cars that could flatten them at any moment. So we’re embracing it!”

Riot Fest Attendees Announce Plans to Take It Easy; Not Push Themselves Too Much This Year

“Oh I’ll for sure stay for The Misfits Saturday, but I’ll probably leave a bit early to beat traffic” said Mike Wilson, 43, owner of a bike shop in Avondale. “I don’t want to keep the babysitter too late, and I’d like to get some gardening done first thing in the morning.”

West Side Cop Academy Constructing Fake Courtrooms for Cadets to Simulate Misconduct Hearings

“We try to prepare our cadets for the situations they’re likely to encounter while on the job,” said instructor Jim Nowak, 52. “And for a lot of officers, that involves allegations of misconduct.”

After Receiving Order, Harold’s Chicken Employee Places Egg in Incubator

After the hatching process, Harold’s employees look after the chicks until they are fully grown, about 18 weeks time.

Harold's Chicken Chicago

City Council Now to Issue Car Boot After Vehicle Registration

Beginning next month, each car registration will include a registration sticker plus a personal do-it-yourself-kit that allows car owners to install a new boot on their own vehicles.